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Portrait Paintings by: Carolyn Elston Masnari

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Portrait painting 001 Portrait
Painting 001
James Watson
Portrait painting 002
Painting 002
Portrait painting 003
Painting 003
Portrait painting 004
Painting 004
Portrait painting 005
Painting 005
Portrait painting 006
Portrait Painting 006
Portrait painting 007
Painting 007
Portrait painting 008
Painting 008
Portrait painting of Gloria Rose.
Painting 009
Portrait Painting 010
Painting 010
Portrait Painting 011
Painting 011
Portrait Painting 012
Painting 012
Portrait Painting 013
Painting 013
Portrait painting of a friend.Portrait
Painting 014
Portrait painting of a couple being married at the ocean shore.Portrait
Painting 015
Portrait painting of a nude.Portrait
Painting 016
Portrait painting of Celebrity George Clooney.
Portrait Painting 017
Celebrity George Clooney
Acrylic Portrait Painting Titled: Jenny
Portrait Painting 018

Welcome to Carolyn's Portrait Paintings page. Here you can find examples of many of Carolyn's past Portrait paintings.

Carolyn Elston Masnari creates unique one of a kind portrait paintings from sittings (just-a-pose) or she can also work from a picture that is supplied by the client.

She has painted many portrait commissions and has many private collectors. She has been part of many shows and Art Gallery exhibits.

Carolyn paints in acrylic, oil and watercolors on canvas and archival high quality cotton paper.


To commission a group painting and make arrangements for a sitting simply send Carolyn an email or call her on the phone.

Just a few of the reasons why you should have a portrait commissioned:

  • A remembrance of your most beautiful self in your most beautiful gown.
  • A painted portrait of yourself at an important moment in your life.
  • A keepsake that will last forever painted from photos or live sittings.