Floral Paintings by: Carolyn Elston Masnari

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Paintings of wild Tiger Lilly's.
Floral Painting 000
Title: Tiger Lilliys
Floral painting of assorted flowers.
Floral Painting 001
Floral painting titled Peach Glad.
Floral Painting 002
Titled: Peach Gold
Floral painting of various pink flowers.
Floral Painting 003
Titled: Flowers Pink
Painting of some Glad's 004.
Floral Painting 004
Titled: Wine Glads
Floral painting in acrylic paints on canvas.
Floral Painting 005
Floral painting of Tulips.
NEW-Floral Painting 006

Welcome to Carolyn's Floral Paintings page. Here you can find examples of many of Carolyn's past floral paintings.

Carolyn paints in acrylic, oil and watercolors on canvas and archival high quality cotton paper.

She specializes in portrait, formal gown, floral, and abstract paintings. She has done many paintings of floral still life arrangements on canvas. Most of her paintings of flowers are abstract or impressionistic in style.

She resides in the Detroit, Michigan area and is currently available for commissions and teaching assignments.

To commission a floral painting and make arrangements for a sitting simply send Carolyn an email or call her on the phone.

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